First Look At Teddy Sears As THE FLASH’s ‘Golden Age’ Speedster Jay Garrick

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We know Jay Garrick is on his way to Central City in The Flash‘s sophomore season, and Teddy Sears has been tapped to play the Golden Age Flash. The CW dropped a very cool promo image that reveals how close the television interpretation will resemble the icon comic book version.

In a call back to Jay Garrick’s first comic book crossover with Barry Allen, i.e, the Silver Age Flash, the wizards in The CW’s promo team cooked up an homage featuring Grant Gustin and Teddy Sears in a re-creation of the cover of 1961’s The Flash #123, titled Flash of Two Worlds.

The Flash of Two Worlds

In the 1960’s when DC Comics introduced new versions of their signature characters, they explained that the older heroes actually lived on a parallel world called Earth-2. It was also where you could find Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern as well as The Justice Society of America (the precursor to The Justice League of America). Jay Garrick’s “re-location” to Earth-2 introduced readers to DC’s Multiverse, which became a place for unlimited adventures and interpretations of their line-ups.

Then in 1986, after decades of excess, DC mopped up the whole multiverse mess and merged it all back into one universe with the groundbreaking 12-part series Crisis on Infinite Earths. It should be noted that Barry Allen died in the eight issue of Crisis. It’s not like the word “crisis” hasn’t been thrown around in the first season of The Flash, right?

We now know that Jay Garrick will indeed be from a parallel Earth, and looking at his awesome retro costume (kudos to the costume department once again), he could be from decades in that Earth’s past. There are endless possibilities with time travel alone, now adding in a multiverse could give us all intense plot point headaches on a weekly basis.

Plus let’s not write off that cross-over with CBS’s Supergirl despite what the suits are saying right now. This multiverse angle just gave them the keys to the car to allow CW characters to team up with Kara Zor-El. Obviously CBS wants Supergirl off to a flying start and stand on its own as a steady show before they talk crossovers. Once and if Supergirl flies, rest assured the creative forces at WB TV will start brainstorming. It should be noted, Supergirl died in the seventh issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

With the announcement that Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as John Constantine in an episode of Arrow‘s fourth season, it shows the power Warner Bros. Television has for crossing network lines with their shows. Remember there was a time when the Arrow folks swore there would be no super powered heroes or villains appearing in the show? Never say never.

The Flash returns with new episodes on October 6th.


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