Wolverine, one of the most beloved and popular comic book heroes of all time and perfectly embodied on film since 2000 by Hugh Jackman, has finally gotten his due in the mutant’s latest big screen actioner, simply titled The Wolverine. It’s not to say that this film is perfect (it’s a damn noble effort), but following Logan’s first solo adventure, ...

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First Extended Clip From THE WOLVERINE Hits The Web

The first official clip from The Wolverine hit today, and its without question an action packed minute and a half showcasing a fight sequence aboard and atop a speeding train.  While the scene is well staged, unfortunately I really can’t say the extensive green screen work is worth writing home about… Official synopsis: “Based on the celebrated comic book arc, ...

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New Posters and Images From THE WOLVERINE Show Off Logan’s Claws & Co-Stars

While we anxiously await the first trailer to hit on Wednesday, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and ComingSoon.net, new posters and movie images from the The Wolverine have hit the web. In addiotn to new glimpes of Hugh Jackman as the popular Marvel Mutant, we are given the first official looks at his female co-stars Yukio (Rila Fukushima), Mariko (Tao Okamoto) and Viper (Svetlana ...

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