TOY FAIR 2014: LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY’S RETURN Figures PLUS New Theatrical Trailer!


Dorothy Gale and Toto are set to take another trip over the rainbow in Summertime Entertainment’s upcoming animated musical feature Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. Dorothy finds Oz in ruins, her iconic trio of friends missing, and a wicked jester vying to control the magical land.  Glee‘s Lea Michele as Dorothy leads an all-star voice cast that includes Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Oliver Platt, Dan Akyroyd, Kelsey Grammer, Hugh Dancy, James Belushi and Bernadette Peters.

Check out the new trailer below that has just gone online. Then take a sneak peek at the line of figures, dolls and other fun toys that were on display in the Bandai show room at the 2014 Toy Fair that will coincide with the film’s release on May 9th!

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In LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY’S RETURN, Dorothy returns to Kansas to find it devastated by the tornado that had whisked her away to Oz. The home she has been so desperate to return to is severely damaged, and the townspeople are packing up and moving out. But shortly after arriving in Kansas, Dorothy is magically transported back to Oz.

She finds out that Oz is in trouble, and the people there need her help. Dorothy’s old friends – the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the formerly Cowardly Lion – have disappeared and Oz is in a state of decay. As Dorothy journeys to find her friends, she encounters a number of new companions and problems including a man made of marshmallows who can’t think for himself; a china doll princess whose bossiness is a cover for her fragility; and a tugboat with as many personalities as he has pieces. Dorothy must help this odd group band together against a new villain – a wicked Jester who thinks all of Oz should be under his control.


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