TOY FAIR 2013: Ram Man Unmasked! What’s Under the Helmet of He-Man’s Tough Little Ally?


For all us old school ’80s kids, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was an inescapable franchise, whether it be the Mattel toy line or the insanely popular Filmation animated series. Even when it teetered on trending to far into a boys club alomg came She Ra: Princess of Power to let girls in on the fun.The He-Man line was always a lot bigger and bulkier than our Star Wars and G.I. Joe 3.75″ figures, so it always required extra imagination to mix and match characters if Skeletor decided to plan a sneak attack on Luke Skywalker.

At the 2013 Toy Fair, in addition to their massive Castle Grayskull play set, Mattel and MattyCollector unveiled a new figure in their Masters of the Universe Classics line: Ram Man, the heroic human bettering ram.

The series of highly detailed collectible action figures are impressive upgrades of the toys we grew up playing with. What makes this figure a little extra special is that we for the first time get a look at what the stout little guy looks like under the helmet, and it turns out he’s a badass blonde!

The figure comes with his signature battle axe, and two heads, a helmet-less version and a the steel masked version we have all come to expect from He-Man’s tough ally.

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