First Look At The Starship of CBS’ STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Streaming Series


There hasn’t been too much info released about the upcoming Star Trek series set to stream on CBS All Access in early 2017. With this new trailer, we now have our first look at the show’s starship and the full title of the show: Star Trek: Discovery, all first revealed at Comic Con.

There will be no starship Enterprise this time out. Say hello to the Starfleet’s NCC-1031, the USS Discovery, seen in this short teaser leaving space dock.

What we do know is the show is set in the original “Prime” timeline and won’t be “episodic” in its storytelling. Exactly when in the Trek time line it takes place has yet to be revealed.

From CBS:

Revealed at Comic-Con 2016 by Executive Producer Bryan Fuller. Get a sneak peek of the newest ship in the “Star Trek” universe. Star Trek: Discovery premieres January 2017 on the CBS Television Network with the premiere and all subsequent episodes available exclusively on CBS All Access.



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