You Want BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN? Watch Kevin Conroy Take On Tim Daly!


While we anxiously await the big screen showdown between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in 2015’s Man of Steel sequel (the film’s actual title has yet to be revealed), fans can enjoy this face off between the actors who voice the iconic DC heroes for WB Animation.

Fan favorite Kevin Conroy has given life to the Caped Crusader more than any other actor, and continues to provide that definitive sinister voice on numerous projects since Batman: The Animated Series debuted in 1992. Tim Daly, no stranger to prime time television (Wings, Private Practice) has voiced the Man of Steel for various animated features since 1996. His son Sam has also recently taken his turn with Superman’s voice as well.

Sam has a fun web series, aptly named The Daly Show, and along with his dad, routinely spoofs their animated superhero personas. Check out Tim’s team-up with former Supermen Brandon Routh and Dean Cain HERE or riffing with Nathan Fillion (who has voiced Green Lantern) HERE.

Now we have DC’s big two facing off. For those of us who enjoy the animated adventures, this is a pretty cool short, and at certain points wisely allows only Conroy and Daly’s voices to take center stage while quoting lines from The Dark Knight Returns and Man of Steel. And since Peter Weller was cast as the elder Batman in the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns, I am frankly more than thrilled to finally here Conroy deliver some of that iconic dialogue.

SOURCE: The Daly Show

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