Will Chris Pratt Seek Fortune & Glory As INDIANA JONES?


This is an interesting bit of news from Deadline, and something many of us actually won’t complain about. Now that Disney has steered Star Wars on a steady course, the House of Mouse is reportedly shifting attention to that other huge franchise included in the 2102 $4 billion Lucasfilm purchase: Indiana Jones.

Disney’s top choice to inherit the series from Harrison Ford may be none other than Chris Pratt. Their Guardians of the Galaxy star has enjoyed a meteoric rise in Hollywood after his turn as Peter Quill / Star Lord cemented his ability to lead a film. Parks and Recreation is in its final season, which will allow him to put his full attention on a film career, which already has Jurassic World lined up for theaters in May and him joining Denzel Washington on the set of The Magnificent Seven in April.


All this is very much in the early stages, so how far down the line this has gone is pure speculation, even so far as to whether Disney will move forward with a complete do over for the Indiana Jones franchise or bring back Harrison Ford to pass the whip. Pratt’s already committed to Disney via his Marvel duties which includes the GOTG sequel, and his Jurassic connection puts him on target with Steven Spielberg, who could be involved in the Indy revival as co-creator of the iconic archeologist (though since Disney phased George Lucas out of Star Wars, nothing is guaranteed with Spielberg).

I think Pratt is an outstanding choice, though it is an intimidating role to step into. But we can all agree to back Pratt rather than see Shia LeBeouf return as Indy’s son Mutt Williams.


SOURCE: Deadline

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