Who Is The Doctor Preparing To Seek Out In This DOCTOR WHO Season 9 Prologue?


The Doctor will face an old enemy according to this Doctor Who Season 9 prologue released by the BBC. However the ancient adversary’s identity is not so obvious as we may have assumed by the time the short clip has concluded.

When we re-join the the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) after the events of the season eight finale Death In Heaven, he is seeking counsel from Ohila, the High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn (Clare Higgins), who we met previously in the stunning mini-episode The Night of the Doctor

If our favorite Time Lord has returned to the place where we said farewell to Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and hello to John Hurt’s War Doctor, this is obviously far from a casual fly by for the caretaker of the TARDIS.

In this clip, the Doctor is preparing himself to confront an old enemy, which we would first assume to be Missy (Michelle Gomez), season eight’s re-generated gender swapped identity of The Master. But since the Doctor says “he” instead of “she,” the obvious answer is no longer not so obvious.

“Whatever it was, you owe this creature nothing,” Ohila tells the Doctor.

“He and I have know each other a long time,” the Doctor responds.

“You’ve been enemies for all of it,” Ohila retorts, implying a Time Lord may be the opponent.

So who might be this old nemesis actually be?


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