Diamond Select Toys always presents a well stocked booth at the Toy Fair, featuring some of the coolest and most detailed collector’s items from the best of pop culture.

This year products from Sin City, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Back To The Future, Captain America, The View Askew-verse, and the ’60s Batman television show were on display.

Full size and shot glasses from Sin City‘s Kadie’s Club, Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise from BTTF 2, and Pulp Fiction‘s Jack Rabbit Slim’s.

IMG_3582 copy

IMG_3574 copy

IMG_3577 copy

IMG_3579 copy

Sin City figures based on Bruce Willis as John Hartigan, Mickey Rourke as Marv and Jessica Alba’s Nancy Callahan.


IMG_3596 copy

IMG_3629 copy

IMG_3602 copy 2

IMG_3603 copy

IMG_3625 copy

IMG_3628 copy

View Askew is represented with black and white mini-mates from Clerks, based on  Jay, Silent Bob, Dante, Randal, and figures based on Silent Bob, Jay, Chronic and Blunt Man.

IMG_3611 copy

IMG_3612 copy

IMG_3613 copy

IMG_3617 copy

IMG_3635 copy

Collector’s busts from the 1960s Batman TV show based on Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin and Cesar Romero as Joker.

IMG_3640 copy

IMG_3646 copy

IMG_3647 copy

IMG_3642 copy

IMG_3648 copy

IMG_3650 copy

IMG_3653 copy

Who needs plutonium for time travel when you can use Mr. Fusion instead. Any BTFF fan will be happy to have this full size replica in their collection. Also check out Marty’s 2015 cap and Mr. Fusion powered light-up DeLorean from BTTF 2.

IMG_3519 copy

IMG_3521 copy

IMG_3517 copy

Statues and mini-mates from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

IMG_3463 copy

IMG_3485 copy

IMG_3467 copy

IMG_3474 copy

IMG_3484 copy

IMG_3470 copy

IMG_3468 copy

IMG_3481 copy

IMG_3480 copy

IMG_3471 copy

Highly detailed figures of Captain America and the Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

IMG_3456 copy

IMG_3452 copy

Need a bottle opener and conversation piece for your next party?  Look no further.

IMG_2845 copy

IMG_2844 copy

IMG_2843 copy

Looking for a place for your spare change? Here are some Ghostbusters banks based on the Stay Puft Marshmellow man, Slimer and the burnt Stay Puft.

IMG_2840 copy

IMG_3654 copy

IMG_3656 copy

IMG_3659 copy 2

IMG_2839 copy

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