TOY FAIR 2013: Sneak Peeks Into IRON MAN 3’s Iron Patriot and THOR: THE DARK WORLD’s Dark Elves


From the Hasbro Showroom we continue our Toy Fair coverage. This time we have a sneak peek into Marvel’s first slate of Phase Two films set for 2013, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Via the new batch of collectibles, toys, role play accessories and other fun tie-ins, we can look forward to some exciting changes for the popular heroes and villains.

Tony Stark will be donning the red and gold Mark 42 amor, which may be a necessity rather than a choice as it appears his entire base of suits get blown up in an attack on his home. The Iron Patriot will figure into the film as well, with Don Cheadle (reprising his role as Col. James Rhodes) trading in the War Machine armor for the stars and stripes adorned battle suit. Now that the events of The Avengers factors into plot, will there be a Captain America acknowledgment in regards to the inclusion of the Iron Patriot?

we can also look forward to a collection of classic figures in the Legends line, with throwbacks to the past including the comic book versions of the Iron Monger, Ultron and the Iron Patriot, in addition to previous popular models of Stark’s armor.
In the sequel to 2010’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth returns as the Norse God of Thunder, will get some new threads and once again face off against his brother Loki. Also making an appearance will be the Dark Elves, led by Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston. We get our first good glimpse of the new big screen villains in the action figure to tie in with The Dark World.

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