THE FLASH’s Reverse Flash Is Fully Revealed In New Image


After months of blurry appearances, we finally have a full, and pretty bad ass, official image of the Reverse Flash from the CW’s The Flash. C’mon, it’s yellow, making it not one of the easiest DC Comics costumes to adapt and pull off this well for a live action show. 

This picture of Tom Cavanagh’s Doctor Harrison Wells (sorry, we’re way past this being a possible spoiler) outfitted as the super speedster villain comes courtesy of show’s official Twitter account. Sure we’ve seen the suit hanging on a rack in Well’s secret futuristic closet several times, but now we have the full monty, and it was worth waiting for.

Now let’s see when someone on the show (we’re looking at you Cisco) calls him Professor Zoom…



The Flash returns with new episodes on The CW after a mini-hiatus on March 17.

SOURCE: Twitter

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