STAR WARS REBELS Season Two Trailer! Ashoka Tano Is Back! James Earl Jones Returns To Voice Darth Vader In A Major Role!


This has been a banner week for Star Wars fans without question. The second The Force Awakens teaser trailer kicked our asses old and new school fans alike. But take a look at what Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels has in store for us in its sophomore season, not only Darth Vader but Clone Wars’ Ashoka Tano and Captain Rex.

Not for nothing, this Season Two trailer that debuted today at Star Wars Celebration is nothing less than goddamn amazing. James Earl Jones is back as Darth Vader as the major villain and has more lines in this three minute trailer than the entirety of his (let’s be honest) very disappointing long awaited return to the role in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith).

We know very little about Vader’s role in eliminating the Jedi following Order 66, so this looks to be an amazing insight to that (outside of the new canon novelizations) with the bonus of hearing James Earl Jones’ voice to keep it as real as possible.

Not to underly the image on the teaser poster below. but c’mon, Anakin Skywalker’s The Clone Wars Padawan Ashoka Tano shares this one-sheet space with her Darth Vader, which leads to a sure course for battle between apprenctice and master. This is where the new Disney Star Wars timeline, minus the now jettisoned “Expanded Universe,” comes into play for all of us keeping it in check.

The unaddressed Clones Wars character cliffhanger was solved in the final scene of Rebels first season finale. Anakin Skywalyer’s Padawan Ashoka, who walked away from the Jedi Order. was still set to play a major role in the events between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

The thought of former a Padawan confronting her Jedi Master, who is now a Sith Lord, is a pretty good arc to build towards in the second season of Star Wars Rebels. And for sure, Ashoka shouls have no idea her Jedi Master is actually Darth Vader. The plot thickens indeed…


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