Simon Pegg Tapped To Pen STAR TREK 3


Well this is certainly an interesting development. Looks like Scotty will be doing much more than merely giving her all she’s got as head of the USS Enterprise’s engineering section in Star Trek 3. Deadline is reporting that Paramount and Bad Robot have tapped Simon Pegg to co-write the latest script to the third adventure of the rebooted iconic franchise alongside TNT series Dark Blue creator Doug Jung.

Star Trek 3 has had a bit of a turbulent journey as of late. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was brought in to replace franchise screenwriter Robert Orci as director (who in turn was in for J.J. Abrams), but remained on board in a producer-only position. With Orci relieved of both of his directing and writing duties, Pegg’s promotion from core cast member to screenwriter certainly promises a further departure from the first two installments (as if Justin Lin doesn’t already have grand plans to direct with trans warp drive).

Fret not, Pegg is no newbie. Let’s not forget his longtime Cornetto trilogy co-writing partnership with Edgar Wright and has turned out some solid, but very un-Trek like fare, like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

So can we expect to see Montgomery Scott promoted to Fleet Admiral, save the universe and get the girl?

Star Trek 3 is set to hit theaters on July 8th, 2016.

SOURCE: Deadline

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