NYCC 2012 INTERVIEW: Kevin Smith Talks COMIC BOOK MEN Season Two Return (and Following ‘The Walking Dead’)


On Friday I caught up with Kevin Smith and his Comic Book Men cohorts Walk Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, Bryan Johnson and Ming Chen at New York Comic Con for round table interviews to talk up tonight’s season two premiere of their hit AMC show.

There was much discussed during the fun, laid back Q&A’s, and to no one’s surprise Kevin had a lot to say on a lot of different topics, Comic Book Men related or otherwise. So I will bring you much more from those interviews soon. But as far as tonight’s sophomore year kickoff goes, here is what Kevin had to say about the last minute opportunity of getting to NYCC for promote it, and as expected, in the blunt manner he is famous for putting forward.

“We weren’t even supposed to be here. I sound like Dante, ‘We weren’t even supposed to be here today,’ but we weren’t until like two weeks ago I think,” Smith said, catching himself quoting Dante Hicks from Clerks.

“But basically there was no intention of coming to the Comic Con until the dust cleared from this season’s shooting, and we were like ‘Hey, we have time and I guess we start on Sunday.’ It’s not us going like ‘Superman will save us!’ but we do live in the Metropolis of The Walking Dead. So we never feel all that like ‘We gotta push this show,’ because we are in the wake of a f**king juggernaut,” he pointed out in regards to the rollover viewers tuned into AMC on Sunday nights.

“Even if we retain a little piece of its audience, we’re fine. So there’s never like a sense of like ‘Holy sh*t! We gotta press this show really hard.’ But New York Comic Con is happening, these guys are like 45 minutes outside of the city, I was gonna be on the East Coast for the Boston show I’m doing tomorrow night. So I was like ‘Let’s be at the New York Comic Con again,’ and boom, we got to be involved.”

Despite Smith’s confidence in the secure post-Walking Dead time slot, if a show doesn’t click with a audience, people won’t watch it. Comic Book Men fits in perfectly to the Sunday night line-up anchored by the blockbuster television Zombie juggernaut, its immediate re-run, and then the Chris Hardwick hosted live re-cap show Talking Dead.

Comic Book Men airs on AMC on Sundays at 11:30PM.

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