NEW YORK COMIC CON 2012 INTERVIEW: Paul Scheer Teases Hal Linden’s Seduction By Rebecca Romijn On Tonight’s NTSF:SD:SVU

When I caught up with Paul Scheer, the creator, writer, and star of Adult Swim’s madcap CSI/24 spoof NTSF:SD:SVU, he revealed one of his favorite scenes from this season is on-deck for tonight’s episode, Prairie Dog Companion, and involves an intimate encounter between Rebecca Romijn and special guest star, TV icon Hal Linden.

The hit show, now in its second season on Cartoon Network and also stars Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager), Rob Riggle (SNL), and Martin Starr (Party Down), has a great line-up of upcoming guest-stars, to which Scheer was happy to reveal.

“For the rest of this season we have some great guest-stars coming in. We have Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, and Ray Liota. We also have Hal Linden (TV’s Barney Miller), and Michael Gross (who played the dad on Family Ties, and also from Tremors). Great awesome guests coming up. And Steven Williams, the original Captain from 21 Jump Street.”

“We are very excited that we cast people who we are fans of,” he admitted.

I asked Scheer if Recbecca Romijn, who plays Jessie Nichols, undoubtedly the hottest scientist on TV, will ever leave the lab coat behind and venture out in the field to kick ass. “Rebecca Romijn will be leaving the lab in the next episode,” he revealed. “She will go undercover which is really fun.”

“I was friends with Jerry O’Connell from doing Piranha, and I met Rebecca through him. She was so funny, and I was like ‘Why hasn’t anyone capitalized on Rebecca being in comedies?’ So I wanted to get her in the show. Obviously she’s incredibly beautiful and also incredibly funny.”

But going from the safety of the crime lab and out into the thick of the action alongside Scheer’s Trent Hauser doesn’t mean Romijn will be immediately showcasing her old X-Men fighting skills.

“She’s going to be awkward. Maybe next season we should maybe let her kick ass a little bit. Yeah, in this one she gets to have a sex scene with Hal Linden.” What?

“82-year old Hal Linden,” he reiterated

“She has to seduce him. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole season,” he laughed.

“We also have a very special Christmas episode coming up in December that I’m very excited about,” he promised for year’s end. But we will get to that in part two of the interview…

NTSF:SD:SVU airs on Cartoon Network on Thursday nights (technically Friday mornings) at 12:15AM following Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim.
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