New ‘Man of Steel’ Toys Hit NYC’s Time To Play 2013 Showcase

Last week in NewYork City I had the opportunity to stop by the Time To Play 2013 Spring Showcase,  which offered sneak peeks for the exciting toys we can look forward to seeing in the second half of the year. It goes without saying the upcoming Man of Steel had a major presence, with various tie-in’s on the way from Lego, Mattel and JAKKS Pacific.
To start off the tour, JAKKS Pacific had on display an impressive and massive Superman action figure that stands 31″ tall based on Henry Cavill’s likeness with the updated costume design seen in the movie. The figure also features seven points of articulation and a fabric cape.

Lego has Man of Steel figures and play sets on the way, including the Black Zero Escape set featuring Superman, General Zod in his full Kryptonian battle armor and Lois Lane.

Mattel’s sinister black Kryptonian tripod ship from the Battle For Metropolis play set suggests that General Zod has heavy artillery at his disposal for the invasion of Earth.

Figures from the Mattel’s Quick Shot line.
Superman’s Strike Ship from the Mattel’s Flight Speeders line.

From Mattel’s Movie Master line are action figures based on Henry Cavill’s Superman, Russell Crowe’s Jor-El and Michael Shannon’s General Zod. These 6′ figures also made Time To Play’s 2013 Summer Playlist.

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