Jenna Coleman Talks Her Emotional Departure From DOCTOR WHO


“I have left the TARDIS” Jenna Coleman told BBC Radio 1‘s Nick Grimshaw this morning, confirming not only that she is departing Doctor Who as Clara Oswald this season, but has already filmed her final scene.

“I’ve filmed my last scenes,” she said this morning in the radio interview. “It was emotional.”

This morning it was officially announced that the upcoming season of Doctor Who would be Coleman’s last. The actress opened up about the decision to leave the long running show, her final scenes on set, the emotional impact of the departure, and if she still has a key to the TARDIS.

“It’s been in the works for a very long time. Steven [Moffat] and I sat down a long time ago, a year, a year and a half ago, and tried to work out the best place to do it, and the best place in which to tell a really good story. And hopefully that’s what we’ve done. I think it’s really really cool. Obviously we’re not gonna give away any details, but it will happen at some point during this season.”

“There’s not a lot of jobs where you get to go to work and have a space ship and an alien as your best mate, and also run away from monsters. So you kind of think ‘This job is only gonna happen once.’ It’s been so much fun… It’s been really special.”

“I think I’m in denial. I really don’t feel like I’ve left. I think it’s cause I see Peter all the time and I still see Matt all the time. So I kind of believe I still have a key to the TARDIS (which I might do because I kind of stole it).”

“I did get emotional. I so got emotional. I was really trying to fight against it but you can’t help it. It’s been my life really for the past three or four years. I just love Peter so much and the job so much and all the crew, it becomes really tight knit. And also you know the TARDIS is like you home and its all magical, and it’s such incredible storytelling. So yeah I did, I shed a tear.”

“The reaction you get from people on the street I think it’s because people love the show so much, and it is that magical adventure storytelling. You kind of get that love directed at you. It’s all because of Doctor Who so really, it’s a special show.”

It is still uncertain under what circumstances (story wise) or exactly when Clara Oswald will exit the show. Whether it will be during the season proper of if her final scenes will be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special remain a secret.

She departed Who to play the title role in Victoria, ITV’s eight part TV series chronicling the life of young Queen Victoria.

You can check out the full interview below:

Jenna also shared these today via her Twitter account:


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