Is This The Lineup for TNT’s TEEN TITANS Series?


The folks over at Nerdist have snagged a copy of the pilot script to TNT’s upcoming The Titans series, the adaptation of DC Comics iconic super hero team The Teen Titans, and have revealed who will be included on the roster.

According to the report, The Titans will be lead by a young adult Dick Grayson as expected. In the pilot, Batman’s former protege will indeed still wear the mantle of Robin, and not yet transitioned into Nightwing. When we meet him, Grayson is working as detective in Boston (and not Bludhaven). Let’s see how they handle all of his back story that directly involves Batman.

Infinite Crisis - Robin - character art

Barbara Gordon, while not typically associated with Teen Titans, appears here as the resident computer hacker. This version makes reference to her past days as Batgirl, and is constrained to a wheelchair, but whether the show acknowledges the tragic events of The Killing Joke graphic novel that left her paralyzed at the hands of the Joker remain to be seen. She obviously is playing the Oracle role, without specifically being called Oracle. Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City’s Commissioner James Gordon and a staple of the DC universe. She adds more The Titans ties to the Batman mythos.

There have been several versions of Hawk and Dove over the years, but here we will have the Hank Hall and Dawn Granger duo, who will be a romantic couple. Nerdist reports they will have the biggest changes made from their comic book counterparts, who had powers granted to them from the Lord of Order and Chaos in the post-Crisis DC-verse.


Raven, a half-demon empath and teleporter, is the daughter of the inter-dimensional demon Trigon in the comics. She can project her self soul and has telekinetic abilities. She brings a dark supernatural element to the show that certainly fits in with what Constantine battles every week on NBC.


Starfire is the alien princess Koriander from Tamaran and has powers that include flight and energy manipulation. Needless to say it will be very interesting to see how the show handles translating her for a television audience. She and Raven reportedly only have small roles towards the end of the pilot.


Noticeably absent from the line are Teen Titans regulars Beast Boy / Changeling and Cyborg. Cyborg / Victor Stone is likely off limits with the character having a major role on the big screen in Justice League as well as a solo film in 2020.

If The Titans plays ball continuity-wise with The CW’s Arrow and The Flash, it opens up exciting crossover possibilities all around. Arrow has already made a throwaway reference to Bludhaven, and could the introduction of Wally West as Kid Flash bridge The Flash and The Titans? Warner Bros. Television has a unique opportunity to really cultivate a massive television universe that crosses over several networks. Let’s not leave out Supergirl which will air on CBS and NBC’s Constantine (which seems unlikely to see a second season renewal). Both are also produced by Warner Bros Television.

The lighthearted animated Teen Titans Go! currently airs on Cartoon Network, which is a fast paced anime style take on the team.


SOURCE: Nerdist

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