New Look At FIRESTORM’s Costume From THE FLASH!


Today at The CW’s TCA winter press presentation, it was announced that The Flash would be returning for a second season and Arrow will be back for its fourth this fall. Courtesy of IGN’s Eric Goldman, who attended today’s event from The CW, we have some images from his Twitter feed of the costume Robbie Amell will be wearing in The Flash as Firestorm.

I think it was safe to assume the costume would not be as colorful or elaborate as the version in the comics, and keeping in line with the many previous interpretations we have seen in The Flash and Arrow, the outfit is indeed a dark minimal translation.

A tech device in the shape of the familiar Firestorm insignia is present on the track jacket, and that looks to be where the costume begins and ends. The device may help Amell’s Ronnie Raymond control the raging energy imbued within him from the particle accelerator accident at S.T.A.R. labs (as seen in series storyline). The second image gives us our first look at Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein, the other half of the DC superhero.

So far in The Flash, Raymond appears to have only so much control over his alter ego, it’s likely only when Stein fully merges with Raymond that Firestorm gets to really become wholly hero.


We can also see in the first image the costumes of Reverse Flash, Heatwave and Captain Cold. Check out Eric’s Twitter feed for his other Flash and Arrow costume images from the CW suite at today’s TCA event.



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