First Look At ARROW’s Brandon Routh Suited Up As The Atom


The DC universe keeps expanding on television, with The CW’s hit Arrow serving as the Big Bang. Brandon Routh joined the series in its current third season as billionaire Ray Palmer, also know to comics fans as the secret identity of The Atom. The show has been building to have Palmer take his place as one of Starling City’s heroes alongside the other costumed crime fighters Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary. With Routh’s upcoming appearance on The Flash, the circle keeps spinning and we can hope for another huge cross-over event next fall.

We have our first official look at Ray Palmer suited up as The Atom before we he debuts on the February 25th episode of Arrow from Routh’s Twitter feed.


The A.T.O.M. suit looks super techy as it should given the storyline so far on Arrow. Plus Palmer’s visit to S.T.A.R. Labs on The Flash will undoubtedly imbue the costume with extra gizmos that will enable him to shrink to microscopic size. Need  more proof? Check out Grant Gustin’s Instagram pic from the set today.

This is today. But you’ll have to wait a while… #TheFlash #Atom

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What I do find surprising is the similar look and color scheme to Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man costume, especially since both superheroes have the ability to shrink in size. The DC Comics version of The Atom is best known to wear a bright red and blue outfit, though this TV version does retain the atomic symbol on the forehead. Its not clear here exactly how blue the suit is, where Rudd’s costume is red and gray. Regardless, this version of The Atom looks pretty kick ass.

Also, is Palmer not ultimately counting on maintaining a secret identity with that transparent visor on the costume’s helmet? Let’s assume if the suit has the power to shrink a man exponentially, the visor at least has a UV tint option.




The CW is already looking ahead to add a third DC Comics-based series to its prime-time line-up, and Routh’s Atom seems to be a frontrunner for it. And that already seems like a winning idea. It’s great to see Routh back in a big way to the DC spotlight after the polarizing reception to 2006’s Superman Returns. He brings needed and welcome wide eyed charm to the mostly down trodden cast of Arrow‘s Starling City characters, and has been hitting this role out of the ballpark since his first scene on the show.

So if we’re keeping tabs, in addition to Arrow, The Flash, and maybe The Atom, Warner Bros. Television will be adding Supergirl to CBS’ line-up, Krypton to Syfy, and The Teen Titans to TNT. We can all drool over the cinematic plans that stretch to 2019, but the possibilities regarding the as-of-yet unconfirmed shared television worlds are pretty much more than amazing.

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