James Cameron

TRAILER: PROMETHEUS Blu-ray – "Questions Will Be Answered"

Tomorrow’s Blu-ray release of Prometheus has seven hours of bonus features, some of which promise to fill in some of the blanks regarding the boatload of questions raised in the version released in theaters this summer. While the film was two hours of solid visual eye candy, and boasted some of the best unobtrusive 3D I have ever seen on the big ...

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James Cameron Wants To Be First In Line For PROMETHEUS

At the Titanic 3D premiere in London tonight, James Cameron, the only director with TWO billion dollar grossing films under his belt (Avatar and Titanic), was asked his thoughts on the upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus. Cameron of course directed Aliens, the 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott’s ground breaking sci-fi thriller, which not only took the series into an action packed new ...

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