AVENGERS 2 Title Revealed at Comic-Con!

Joss Whedon gave Comic-Con’s Hall H a huge surprise by showing the first teaser to the Avengers sequel set to hit theaters in 2015, and the surprising title of the film was revealed as well: Age of Ultron. An exciting development for sure for core fan base, but also means little to the casual moviegoer unfamiliar with the non-cinematic Marvel lore.

Here is io9’s rundown of the teaser presentation.

“Whedon basically showed a short teaser in which soundbytes from the first Avengers played over video showing metal being put together, with sparks flying. At first, it looked like a new Iron Man mask — and then we pulled back and it revealed the trademark mask of the Avengers’ great foe, the robot Ultron. And then we read the above movie title.”

While its best never to assume anything, but the Thanos post-credits tease from the first Avengers installment has us on the side of thinking he would be the big villain that re-assemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But now with Ultron entering the mix, the landscape and possibilities have changed with the addition of the Marvel android baddie. We will wait now and see how far Thanos figures into Guardians of the Galaxy, and whether he will instead be the ultimate force to fight down the line in Avengers 3.

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