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Anne Hathaway Sinks Her Claws Into Catwoman For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The LA Times Hero Complex caught up with Anne Hathaway for an upcoming new interview, and talked up sinking her cat claws into the role of Batman’s iconic feline arch enemy in The Dark Knight Rises. “I love the costume,” Hathaway said of the outfit she wore on the set as Catwoman after shooting a pivotal (and super spoiler-centric) scene in the ...

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Van Halen Announce 2012 Tour

Van Halen will return to the stage and tour in 2012. Taking to their social media accounts, the band released a trailer of new rehearsal footage set to their 1984 cuts “Jump” and “Panama” that announced an upcoming tour of what is sure to be a night David Lee Roth-era rock classics. No dates have been announced yet, but the band ...

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‘Prometheus’ Trailer Revealed

In the highly anticipated Prometheus, director Ridley Scott re-visits the universe he introduced to moviegoers with his tense sci-fi classic Alien. Although no one is confirming (yet) that it will be a literal prequel in continuity to his 1979 film, on the record however, Scott did reveal to Deadline that recognizable DNA from the series will appear. “The keen fan ...

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