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Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Last Night’s GAMES OF THRONES Epic Battle For Winterfell

We’re probably all still holding our breaths after last night’s brutal and game changing battle sequence on Games of Thrones which raised the action bar to a new level. HBO has released the latest Anatomy of A Scene, a ten-minute look behind the curtain of the amazing work the stellar GoT crew put into making the epic throw down between Jon Snow and ...

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SUPERGIRL Finds Its Man of Steel – Tyler Hoechlin Cast As Superman

Supergirl is not only flying to The CW this fall for its sophomore season, Superman will be joining his Kryptonian cousin in National City. The role has been cast and no, Tom Welling is not returning to the network as Kal-El. Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf alum and star of Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some! has been set as the latest small screen Man of ...

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