Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Spider-Man Appearance In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

While it wasn’t one of the better kept secrets in the last few months, but Robert Downey Jr. let the cat out the bag confirming Tom Holland will make his debut as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man next May in Captain America: Civil War.  

In Entertainment Weekly’s latest cover story, focusing on the highly anticipated third big screen solo outing for Captain America, RDJ wasn’t keeping things on the down low about about that time Tom Holland was on the Civil War set as Spider-Man.

[Don] Cheadle and I are just going, ‘Wow, dude, look at this.’ We’re now like the old guard, and our storyline carries real weight just because of our history in the [canon]. But we’re also looking around like, ‘Who thought that Falcon and Black Panther and Ant-Man and now Spider-Man…?’ I mean it’s like wow, this thing is just crazy.

Sure Chris Evans tried to downplay Downey’s reveal, since Holland still has not been announced on the record to appear in the film by Marvel. Despite Evans’ smoke screen, he still managed to inadvertently concur Holland shot scenes.

You never know with Marvel. Sometimes they shoot things and then don’t use them.

It seems more than highly unlikely Marvel would just happen to cut something as big as Spider-Man’s first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with over a year until his next solo film hits theaters after Civil War.

Ever since Marvel Studios announced they were bringing Spider-Man into their ever expanding movie-verse for a reboot, speculation has been running rampant as to when the wall crawler would swing into action. The deal was made too far after Avenegrs: Age of Ultron wrapped, so it wasn’t narratively possible to drop him in, not even as post credit cameo. A solo film produced co-produced by Marvel and Sony is set for July 2017, but everyone’s spider sense told them a well-placed debut in Captain America: Civil War would be a sure thing.

Per the original press release announcing the Spider-Man deal between Marvel and Sony:

Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, in a film that will be co-produced by Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel and Amy Pascal…


Civil War helmers Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers whom also directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and signed for Avengers: Infinity War Part One and Two, played a part in the Spider-Man casting process.

Joe Russo weighed on on Holland.

We did two screen tests with the character. We were pretty vocal about who we wanted for the part. He’s fantastic. Amazing. It’s like Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun. Rarely do you see a kid carry a movie like that.

He’s also a dancer and a gymnast. He fits the part like you can’t believe. Another thing that we were really pushing for was to go young with the part. It’s the only way to differentiate it from what’s been done in the past. Get him as close as you can to the age that [the actor] is.

Set for May 6th, 2016, Captain America: Civil War‘s all star Marvel line-up includes Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Paul Bettany (The Vision), Emily VanCamp (Agent 13), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Frank Grillo (Cross Bones), William Hurt (“Thunderbolt” Ross), Daniel Brühl (Baron Zemo), Martin Freeman and (still off the record) Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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